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Monday, May 27, 2013

Yesterday's Sun, by Amanda Brooke.

In this unusual book with a touch of the supernatural, a young woman, through the intercession -- or interference -- of an ancient sundial, is given a glimpse of her own future, and finds herself forced to choose between her own life and the life of her long-desired child.

At first I found the whole sundial bit a little hokey and unbelievable.  The story itself, however, was so compelling, and the lives of the characters so interesting, that I found myself unable to stop reading despite being out of my comfort level, and soon it no longer seemed hokey, but perfectly believable.  I also loved the fact that there was very much a mystery within a mystery, as the main characters learned about the history of the sundial and also about each others' pasts.  Ultimately, I could never have guessed the ending, and I absolutely loved it.  I could not have imagined -- and had not imagined -- a more perfect and satisfying ending to this story.  This was a very well done tale, and one that was immensely enjoyable.  I highly recommend this book to readers of all genres.  You won't be disappointed if you give this book a try.  5.0.

I received an electronic review copy of this book from the publisher.  This did not affect my review in any way. 

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