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Sunday, November 3, 2013

An Eye for Glory: The Civil War Chronicles of a Citizen Soldier

Eye for Glory: the Civil War Chronicles of a Citizen Soldier, by Karl Bacon.

Michael Palmer has a happy, content life with a wife and three children, good friends, a rewarding religious life, and a successful general store in Rhode Island.  But God is asking more of him and some of his neighbors -- that they join the Union army and fight to free the black men and women of the nation from slavery.  His sense of duty is strong, his understanding of why God has called him and his friends to this duty is less strong.  Through Second Antietem, Spotsylvania, the Wilderness, and many other historic battles, he struggles to keep his spirits up, to preserve his life, to take care of the men around him, and to live a godly life.  Ultimately, he first loses his soul and his faith, and then, in the twilight of his years, regains it, sharing his story for the sake of his children and his children's children.

At times I found this book to be a bit too preachy.  Nonetheless, the story itself was compelling, particularly during the chapters discussing the battles.  The story did drag in some areas, particularly those areas that focused on Michael's internal struggles to the exclusion of any actual physical action.  However, those who persevere through the slow spots are rewarded with a very interesting and heartwarming conclusion to the story. 3.5.

I received a digital review copy of this book.  This did not affect my review in any way.

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